Volunteers Sorting & Distributing The PVCs Dumped In Bush In Nnewi, Anambra


In the evening of yesterday being the 21st of February, 2022, a palm wine tapper in Akamili Umudim area of Nnewi has concluded his job for the day and was heading out of the bush to his house when he saw a bag filled with some items. Out of curiosity, he went to check what’s inside and to his greatest surprise, it was people’s Permanent Voters Card (PVCs).

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Being that elections are around the corner, he quickly carried the bag with the help of some people and headed to Authority FM, as he felt the need for the incidence to be publicized for people to know the latest development. On getting to Authority FM located at Nnobi road, Nnewi, some of the OAPs didn’t waste time doing the needful by interviewing the palm wine tapper to narrate the whole story. They made some couple of videos letting the people know that some PVCs were found inside a bush, somewhere in Akamili Umudim, Nnewi and that most of the PVCs fall under polling units in Umudim, Nnewi.

The video went viral, stimulating a lot of reactions and opinions. Very early in the morning of today being the 22nd of February, 2022, many people, including media people, volunteers and people who went to collect their PVCs were already at the gate of Authority FM.


Being that most of the PVCs fall under Umudim, the people suggested that it should be taken to Obi Umudim palace for proper sorting out and sharing. While on that, the Chairman of Nnewi North local government was contacted. He came and saw the situation on ground. He deemed it fit to call the INEC representatives to come down to Obi Umudim to identify with those PVCs before distribution. The people waited for over three hours but no INEC personnel was seen and they decided to do the sorting and sharing themselves as tension was already high and the days left for sharing those tens of thousands of PVCs were just two days.

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The Youths organized themselves, addressed the people on the latest development and the people accepted that the PVCs should be shared. The youths now started sorting the PVCs and sharing according to wards.

While at that, some people decided to verify some of those PVCs on INEC portal to know if they’re valid and the ones checked are actually valid.

So many Media houses like Arise TV, TVC etc were all there to witness and cover the situation. They also interviewed some people.


See the video below:



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