Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin Shares “Proof” as He Continues to Allege “Crude Election Rigging ” Across States (Video /Photos)


David Hundeyin has shared photo and video “evidence” to back up his claim that Saturday’s election was rigged in different states.

The investigative journalist shared photos of election results that were allegedly altered using tippex or edited with pen.



One photo purportedly shows where the result of both Labour Party and APC were edited with a pen to reduce Labour Party Votes and add the difference to APC’s vote.

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Another shows a small paper glued over the result written against Labour Party’s result and a new result was written on the paper.


Then, he shared a photo purportedly showing the original result from a single polling unit in Obot Akara LGA, Akwa Ibom, with 135 votes given to LP in the polling unit but the result released by INEC says LP got no single vote in the entire LGA.


See below.




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