We’ll Rise against You’ – Russian Soldiers warn Putin ‘after They Were Made to Carry out ‘Terror Acts ‘ in Ukraine


Captured Russian soldiers have warned President Vladimir Putin ‘we’ll rise against you’ after they were made to carry out ‘terror attacks’ in Ukraine.

Moscow’s troops labelled the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol on March 9 an act of ‘perverse neo-Nazism’.



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Three air force pilots, speaking to CNN, warned the Russian strongman ‘you will not hide this for long’ because ‘many’ troops share the same feelings and ‘sooner or later, we will come home’.

They laid the blame at the feet of Russian commanders for ‘horrifying’ crimes against ‘peaceful Ukrainian civilians’ – and warned ‘you cannot forgive such things’.


‘I don’t know, what can justify, f***, the tears of a child, or even worse, the deaths of innocent people, children,’ Russian fighter pilot Maxim said.


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‘It’s not just about demilitarizing Ukraine or the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but now cities of peaceful civilians are being destroyed.’

The claims echo statements made by several Russian soldiers following their capture at the hands of Ukrainian forces and observers have raised concerns the servicemen are being pressured to denounce Moscow.


But CNN reported the three pilots appeared not to be speaking under duress, that they were not wearing handcuffs and that Ukrainian officials made no effort to direct the topic of the interview.


It comes after Russia on March 9 bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol killing four people, including a pregnant woman whose baby also died days after the attack

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