Drama as Young Man Sees Message on Girlfriend’s Phone from Her Bank Asking ‘When Are You Coming’ (Watch video)



A young man accosted his girlfriend because he saw a message alert on her phone which suggested that she was cheating on him.

By Henry

In the automated message she allegedly received, her personal bank asked; ”When are you coming” and when the boyfriend saw it, he asked her to unlock the phone so he can read everything.


But the young girl declined and this led to a public drama where she started begging him inaudibly.


In a video posted online, he could be seen insisting that she unlock the phone for him to read the bank message, however, the pressure made her to start crying.

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He then ordered her to follow him home so that the matter can be addressed in private. An onlooker who filmed the scene could be heard giggling in the background.


Watch the video below:




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