Russian Commander ‘Run Over by His Own Tank’ after His Men Turned on Him in Ukraine



A senior Russian commander was rumoured to have died in hospital after his own troops ran over him with a tank, causing fatal wounds to his legs.

Sky News reporter Deborah Haynes gave the name of the commander as Colonel Yuri Medvedev, commander of 37 Motor Rifle Brigade.



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In an initial report, she said her source, who she names as a western official, told her that the Colonel was set upon by his disheartened men as a reaction to the severe losses the unit had suffered in Ukraine.

Deborah initially reported that the commander died in hospital but in a recent tweet, she said she is getting reports that he survived but remains in critical condition in a hospital in Belarus.







Footage emerged from the incident on Wednesday, March 23, with the colonel rushed to the hospital after suffering severe wounds to his legs.



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