Women Rush out as Pastor Makes Bachelors Lineup in Church and Asks Single Ladies to Pick Man They Wish to Marry [Video]

By  Henry Iheanacho 


A Nigerian clergyman created an entertaining scene when he did a matchmaking during service in church.


He called out some of the single men and asked them to lineup horizontally in front of the entire church.

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The pastor then asked female members who are also single to troop out and select the man they would like to marry.

As though they were waiting for such an opportunity, many women started rushing out to lineup behind the man of their choice.


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A particular man on white T-shirt had majority of the women queuing behind him


Watch the video below:



What will happen to this man that have almost 10 at his back??

— Ajebo by efforts (@Sublimekate) March 24, 2022


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