Armed Herdsmen Intercepted In Enugu. Burnt To Ashes (Pics,Video)

A trailer load of about 40 herdsmen and their arms and ammunition has been intercepted in Eha-Amufu community, Isi-Uzo LGA, Enugu State. The trailer was intercepted at a local security checkpoint manned by youths of the community.

The Dangote trailer was reported to have been cleared at several checkpoints along the expressway before arriving at the local checkpoint at Umuhu bridge. The local security demanded to search the trailer which was initially resisted by the trailer driver. The local security eventually had their way and discovered over 40 herdsmen being conveyed within the trailer, along with arms and ammunition.

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The discovery attracted a huge crowd and an army unit also arrived on the scene. However, the youths who were already charged up with the discovery blocked the entire expressway and prevented movement away from the scene.


The resulting shooting from the army unit did nothing to quell the situation as the crowd began to seize the occupants of the trailer. The trailer was set ablaze shortly and some herdsmen were put to death on the spot while some of the youth opted to take the others away. It is unclear how many herdsmen lost their lives.

Eha Amufu was 2 weeks ago attacked by armed herdsmen and dozens were massacred.


See the video below:



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