David Hundeyin Releases Obafemi Hamzat’s USA Naturalization Records

Nigerian Journalist and the founder of West Africa Weekly, David Hundeyin, has released the USA Naturalization Records of the deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat.

In the document released by Hundeyin, it was alleged that the deputy Governor of Lagos, Hamzat, became a naturalized citizen of USA on 22nd November 2002 in New York City, while renouncing all allegiance to Nigeria.

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Upon releasing the document, Hundeyin said, “It has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt in court that Obafemi Hamzat violated Nigeria’s electoral law by running for Deputy Governor of Lagos after swearing an oath allegiance to the USA while naturalising, and renouncing all allegiance to Nigeria.


“Over to the court.”

Recall that a U.S. Immigration lawyer, Olubusayo Fasidi, on Thursday, said that Lagos Deputy Gov. Obafemi Hamzat took an oath of allegiance in the U.S. to renounce Nigerian citizenship.



Fasidi, a Nigerian, testified before the Lagos State Election Petition Tribunal.

The lawyer testified for Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour of the Labour Party, who is challenging the outcome of the March 18 Gubernatorial Election in Lagos State which the INEC declared Sanwo-Olu the winner.

She told the tribunal that Hamzat, the third respondent in the petition, also applied for naturalisation in the US.


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